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Nature-based Solution

Environmental Waves is a pioneer in the development and nationwide introduction of Floating Treatment Wetlands also known as Floating Island. It can be used to treat wastewater or in the recovery of ecosystems, making NatureWaves® an exclusive and industry-leading solution.

The existence of multiple installations operating uninterruptedly with success for several years, make NatureWaves® a Nature-based Solution with proven robustness and reliability.

Nature-based Solutions use nature and known natural processes to help provide viable solutions to protect the environment, such as wastewater treatment or ecosystem recovery.

NatureWaves® fits perfectly as a solution that uses the knowledge of nature and its processes, for a perfectly natural way to treat wastewaters and restore the ecosystems.

Floating Treatment Wetlands

NatureWaves® is an extremely innovative solution since it does not require soil. The plants float above the effluent, thereby achieving a high area of contact of the roots with water, reducing the flow velocity and increasing the yield of the treatment.

The growing popularity of NatureWaves® is due to it being a solution with a double benefit. On the one hand it has the ability to provide a natural solution for the decontamination of water, and on the other hand to capture greenhouse gases such as methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Plant roots play a key role in wastewater treatment processes. The contact that is provided by roots with water leads to the development of biofilms containing communities of microorganisms responsible for several very important treatment processes. This symbiosis allows the removal of BOD5, Total Suspended Solids, Nutrients, Pathogens and others.

Floating Island

The following NatureWaves® advantages stand out:
    - No substrate clogging and without the transportation costs associated;
    - Non-emission of unpleasant odors;
    - Low cost of installation and equipment;
    - Low maintenance cost, very low maintenance;
    - Compliance with applicable legislation;
    - Possibility of reuse of water;
    - High life time without intervention;
    - Constant operation 24h/day, 365 day/year;
    - Ability to withstand variations in flow.

It can be used either in domestic effluents or in other types of effluents such as industrial, agricultural, leachate and recovery of ecosystems.

NatureWaves® - Nature-based Solution can be applied in any country.

Constructed Wetlands