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Legionella elimination

Legionnaires disease is a multisystem disease which causes pneumonia due to gram-negative bacteria (Legionella spp.) found in freshwater environments around the world. Humans are infected by inhalation of aerosols containing Legionella. The infection can be fatal and outbreaks from a common environmental source can occur. [1]

People become infected when they breathe in air that contains tiny droplets of water known as aerosols, inside of which are the Legionella bacteria. If the bacteria get inhaled into the lungs they can cause infection. [1]

Bacteria can multiply in aquatic systems as in decorative fountains and propagate through aerosols.

The decorative fountains without properly treated water may have the risk of Legionella bacteria outbreaks.

Environmental Waves presents solutions that eliminate the presence of Legionella bacteria from the water used in decorative fountains and allow a safe use of the surrounding spaces.

The equipment is easy to install and operate, the electrical consumptions are insignificant.

Source: [1] European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.