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Wine wastewater treatment

The effluents resulting from the production of wine are characterized by:
   – high organic load due to the presence of ethanol and / or sugars;
   – nutrient deficiency (nitrogen and phosphorus);
   – variable pH, usually very acidic in the vintage;
   – and appreciable concentrations of suspended solids.

The NatureWaves and Cork NatureWaves growing popularity is due in part to the fact that the treatment system offers the advantages of a solution for the water decontamination with a passive process, natural, low-maintenance and very simple operation.

Wine wastewater treatment

The plant roots play a key role in the wastewater treatment processes, due to the contact provided with the water. The plants roots provide an area for development of biofilms communities containing microorganisms responsible for a number of very important treatment processes. This symbiosis allows removal of BOD5, nitrogen, phosphates and others, and their incorporation into plant biomass.

Advantages of the wine production wastewater ecological treatment:
   – Small area of implantation;
   – No sludge production (natural disposal of sludge through the NatureWaves and Cork NatureWaves);
   – Do not have the problems associated with filamentous bulking;
   – Low electrical consumption;
   – It does not produce unpleasant odours;
   – The operation of the WWTP is very simple;
   – Costs associated with maintenance are very low;
   – Ability to withstand fluctuations of flow and loads of bodies;
   – Greater retention of biomass compared to other treatment systems.

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Wine wastewater treatment