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Rainwater filtration

Climate Change is taking real action in the present, with temperatures rising and rainfall patterns changing.

These extreme events result in high rainfall in a short space of time followed by a long period without rain.

Even with international efforts to reduce emissions, their results will not be immediate.

It is important to define rainwater harvesting strategies for different uses.

Rainwater can be filtered and stored to be used as an adaptation solution to climate change, as it saves the use of municipal/drinking water, reducing the demand for this treated water.

With the use of rainwater, a reduction in the building's water footprint is achieved, as well as its enhancement and differentiation.

Monjolin® - Rainwater filtration

Rainwater is not always safe, it can be contaminated with bacteria, fungi, parasites or atmospheric pollutants.

Before storing water, it is always important to have a good filtration system that allows a good flow of filtration, meaning that it manages to let through the greatest amount of filtered rain.


– Filter with the largest capacity on the market, up to 20L/s (12m3/h) and 300m2
– Efficiency up to 95%, it can use almost all of the filtered water for the tank
– Filter mesh with 60 microns (does not allow the passage of insect eggs)
– Easy to install and self-cleaning system

This water can be used in a number of situations:
   – Toilet flush
   – Washing machine
   – Floor washing
   – Grass Irrigation

Perfect for:
   – Houses
   – Apartment complex
   – Office building

   – Small communities
   – Military facilities
   – Golf courses
   – Hotels and Resorts
Monjolin® - Filtração da água da chuva