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Wastewater reuse

"In the face of ever-growing demand, wastewater is gaining momentum as a reliable alternative source of water, shifting the paradigm of wastewater management from 'treatment and disposal' to 'reuse, recycle and resource recovery'. (...)
In the context of a circular economy, whereby economic development is balanced with the protection of natural resources and environmental sustainability, wastewater represents a widely available and valuable resource."

Source: The United Nations World Water Development Report 2017 - WASTEWATER: THE UNTAPPED RESOURCE

As the United Nations points out, wastewater reuse should be seen as a sustainable management of water resources. We have technological solutions that allow us to treat wastewater up to the level of quality needed, thus reducing the effort caused in natural resources.

"Agricultural irrigation is the major domain for the application of wastewater reuse, since agriculture consumes about 65% of the water resources used [Asano et al., 2007], a percentage that decreases in more developed agriculture countries and increases in the remaining. But the water is reused for a number of other purposes, namely the following, in descending order of volume used: landscape irrigation (application in which golf course irrigation is highlighted), industrial reuse (mainly as cooling), recharge of aquifers, certain recreational and environmental uses, urban uses that do not require the use of drinking water and even as a raw source of raw water for the production of water for human consumption."
Source: Reutilização de Águas Residuais - Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços de Águas e Resíduos, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa.

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