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Potable water in extreme environments

Potable water in extreme environments

Military actions, regardless of where they operate, always depend on a consistent and reliable supply of high quality water, often not only for the military but also for civilians. The individual consumption of water is variable and depends on many factors, the most important being the climate.

The location of the water source has a direct implication in the presence of contaminants. All the waters from different rivers have different biological contaminants present (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc.) and in different concentrations. These biological contaminants have the potential to cause debilitating and sometimes fatal diseases.

The Environmental Waves E-1000 Mobile Unit has the flexibility and the resistance to supply 1.000L/h of potable drinking water regardless of the origin of fresh water. This equipment stands out from the others in the market for having the capacity to produce high quality potable drinking water and maintaining its mineral characteristics.

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Potable water in extreme environments